Friday, November 27, 2009

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Sharing the gift of Healthy Sleep!                                            
If we listened to the media, we’d hand our credit cards over to our personal shoppers and worry about the bills later. Get real. Gifts that solve problems and improve quality of life is a must for gift-giving this season.

Your bed for your head is even more important than your mattress. A pillow cradles the neck and shoulder muscles so your mind can relax and slip into a soothing, health-restoring sleep.

While the quest for the perfect pillow can be fraught with frustration, finding the right one can be the best gift of all. It is a gift that keeps on giving, not something that will be hidden in a drawer, or worse, wrapped up and re-gifted, RECYCLED, green as it may be these days.... no one wants to open a gift on X-mas morning only to discover the hand painted paperweight they gave to Aunt Harriet the year before...

So - how about giving the gift of sleep!Sleep is the gift of choice this season. Sleep, or more importantly lack of it, is so top of mind that more than a third of those surveyed said they would give up a year of Facebook, sex and chocolate in return for a lifetime of better sleep.  Interesting to note that men led the charge with all they’d give up in the name of sleep….

So, what are you dreaming about this Christmas? 

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