Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Protect your Mattress & Yourself! Bed Bugs Beware!

A mattress can’t be tossed in the washing machine, or dropped off for a quick scrub-up at the drycleaners. If you’re not using a protector, make no mistake – Your mattress is getting dirty! Sheets allow microscopic organisms to pass through to your mattress. Without a barrier, the gross sludge of skin cells, dust mites, drool, perspiration, bacteria, fungus and mold pass through and take refuge in the mattress.
Using a Mattress Protector creates a barrier between your mattress top and sheets. Skin cells shed during sleep are whisked away when the sheets are changed.
According to recent reports bed bugs infestation rates in homes, hospitals, hotels and school dorms have been steadily increasing since the 1980’s. These nocturnal nastys lurk in the dark folds of your bedding, or cracks of your walls, and emerge when the lights go down. 
Don’t let the bed bugs bite - vampire like, they suck up to 3 times their body weight of your blood in less than 15 minutes. The salivary secretion they inject to prevent coagulation causes your skin to swell and itch in an allergic reaction similar to that of flea bites. Think your bed is infested? Grab a flashlight, pull back the sheets and search for critters the size and shape of an apple seed.

This Natura Mattress Protector offers you the ultimate in mattress protection. We’ve combined Natural Silver Technology with wool to protect your mattress while providing you with a better night’s sleep.
A wool core sandwiched between a waterproof barrier and cotton top buffers pressure points and supports joints to reduce tossing and turning. Wool wicks away moisture (including any spills) to keep your sheets dry, clean and just the right temperature.
Natural Silver Clear Technology is embedded into the Natura line of Mattress Protectors. The NaturaProtect Mattress Protector is a barely there sheet-like barrior, with wetness protection on top and for wetness protection on both the sides and the top use the NaturaProtectPlus Mattress Protector. They both add another layer of protection from dust mites, bed bugs and other bacteria. Keep your mattress pristine and allergen free, and protect your investment with a NaturaProtect mattress cover.
You will be glad you did!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Going Green Gradually-Session 1-Start with a Little Pillow Talk

Let's face it-Going green is not a cheap or easy proposition! Most of us have to decide where we will start our transformation and then try to understand what shade of green we can afford and what is acceptably healthy and sustainable. Trust me, you almost have to obtain a degree in Organic Sciences to ensure that you purchase safe, real-deal, eco-friendly greenery, and even then, there is so much to learn.
So, to simplify things, go green in segments!  Let's start at the top:
Your Pillow! 
You may not think much about your pillow -- and, hey, you're asleep while you're using it -- but you could be breathing in chemical fumes, or being exposed to synthetic dyes and other toxins. Poly-fill and other synthetic materials, like polyurethane foam, are often made from petroleum derivatives.
Pillows are treated heavily with polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) or other brominated fire retardants, and, while that helps them not burst into flames, they can bio-accumulate in your body, and toxicological testing indicates those chemicals may cause liver toxicity, thyroid toxicity, and neurodevelopmental toxicity. Not something you want from the spot where you lay your head. Not in our Pillows!

Pillows also often harbor dust mites, and many people are allergic to their leavings, so finding hypo-allergenic options can also be beneficial for your health.
Now that you have had a chance to learn about some of the dangers that lurk beneath your head each night, we hope that you can find some healthy pillow alternatives.
Good first step! Next Post - we will talk about mattresses! So many options, which one do you need, and how do you know fact from fiction? In the next segment we will try and answer some of these question and present you with some healthy sleepsystem choices!
So Stay Tuned!

Need a little head start? Visit our site and sign up for our free monthly pillow drawing and you could win this incredibly green Natura Dream mate pillow on March 15th!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Slice of Sleep Heaven for your Head

Or should I say GREEN sleep Heaven?! We underestimate the importance of that special pillow in our lives - the one we can not be without! If your in the market - and just not satisfied with your pillow talk lately  (soar neck, back, headaches) try the Natura Dream Mate!  
Remarkable bed of Talalay latex & wool covered with 100% cotton. Not only will your body feel better but you will no doubt benefit from the natural fibers that Natura is famous for! Inhaling chemicals all night will probably not do much for the way you feel in the morning - Talk about a hangover!?
And, for those of you who want the Sleeping Beauty version - Natura even has one with Aloe, appropriately named the Aloe Dream Mate
Rumors are that you can actually wake up wrinkle-free! So, try it for yourself and let us know! 
Dreams could never be a sweeter shade of green...