Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Evaluate your Family's Priorities-Sleep for your Health in 2010

Sleep is how your body repairs itself after a busy day. A 2005 poll by The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) found that more than half of us don’t get enough sleep, which could be putting us at risk for a slew of mental and physical illnesses. How do we ensure that we get enough quality sleep?

Maintain a Comfortable Sleep Temperature

Our bodies are 70% water and we maintain our optimal warmth by releasing minuscule amounts of vapor on the surface of our skin. When evaporation doesn’t take place, the moisture collects and becomes sweat. Likewise, when you step out of a warm shower into a cool room, the moisture chills you quickly. Wool naturally draws moisture away from your body, storing as much as 30% of its own weight without feeling wet to the touch. Cotton only absorbs 8%, synthetics less than 5%. Because wool is so good at drawing moisture from your skin to its core, your body regulates its own temperature more efficiently.
If you’ve ever woken up cold and clammy or hot and sweaty, you’ll understand how temperature swings can fuel heart palpitations. Studies show premature babies who sleep on wool have lower heart rates, which allows them to grow and develop at a faster rate than infants who sleep on other types of bedding. A resting heart rate and natural temperature regulation allows you drift into a deeper sleep and repair your body from the previous day. Natura's All Natural Mattress Topper provides a dreamy wool surface in a flash. 

Body Support to Avoid Aches & Pains

The average person moves more than 50 times a night. Your brain constantly sends out signals to move as circulation is compromised. Wool buffers the body’s pressure points, providing cushioning support to relax muscles and ease joint pain. Studies show that wool reduces tossing and turning by as much as 75% because the crimped fibers gently support the body at its heaviest points. No pain signal equals less unnecessary movement – and waking – during the night.
Wool’s amazing springy-ness earned it a place in official baseballs (made with 150 yards of yarn) and piano hammers. And hospitals have long been providing long-term care patients with wool toppers and bedding to prevent bedsores.

Wool naturally repels dust mites, bed bugs and other common allergens because it lacks the one thing they need – moisture. While wool fibers store moisture at their core, it’s released directly to the environment while the outside stays dry. With synthetic fibers, moisture sits on the outside of the fibers and the fabric feels wet to the touch. 

If sinus complaints and breathing difficulties keep you from getting the rest you need, it’s time to consider adding wool to your sleeping environment.

Be sure to check out our collection of therapeutic sleep systems and keep in mind that these mattresses are all made from natural organic materials-good for your family and good for the environment .

Monday, December 21, 2009

Natura's Aloe Dream Mate Face-Lift Pillow?

Well, maybe "face lift" is stretching it a bit... but those in-the-know seem to agree that this is one phenomenal pillow...

 Indeed, aloe vera is the bedding industry’s go-to botanical ingredient, and it is found in the Dream Mate's aloe enriched natural cover: "Moisturizing, silky aloe infused cotton blend cover, lined with temperature regulating Natura smart Wool. Down-like feel but with more support and better air circulation - The best of both worlds!"
New York dermatologist Doris Day seems to agree, and in a recent Allure Magazine Beauty Reporter Blog she states: "Aloe is soothing and antiseptic. I also like the other material that helps keep excess moisture away from the skin—the wool lining."
The Aloe Dream Mate pillow’s granulated core mimics the feel of feathers and down but provides springy support that won’t pack down. 
Naturally breathable, the latex core guarantees maximum air circulation, eliminating excess humidity and repelling the presence of bacteria and common allergens. Natura Smart Wool also wicks away excess moisture, creating a fresh, dry sleep environment that repels common allergens and bacteria that thrive in moist environments.
Good for you and makes you beautiful? I'll take it! Get your Aloe Dream Mate Pillow today at Naturally Organic Sleep in Burlingame, CA. 


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How is your Baby Sleeping?

Forget pink and blue – green is the hottest color in nurseries today. We aren’t referring to paint color of course, but to environmentally friendly, natural and organic products that will make your baby’s sleep healthier.
Unlike adults, babies can’t process chemicals through their systems quickly or efficiently. When choosing a mattress remember that your baby will be sleeping on it for as many 18 hours a day in his first few months – and every night for the next 2 years. 

Your baby faces a greater risk than you do when exposed to chemicals. His growing body naturally collects and stores resources in an effort to improve and prolong his life. But this natural gathering and recycling is dangerous when it comes to synthetic chemicals because his body doesn’t understand the dangers (it only sees the potential resource). Every single toxin your baby encounters can create a rippling of biological consequences later in life. Since your baby spends more time sleeping (and will for the next few years) choose baby crib bedding that’s chemical-free and natural. Natura’s Organic Baby Bedding is made from certified organic materials that never encountered chemicals during the growing or manufacturing process.

There’s nothing more comfortable or kinder to your skin that your favorite cotton t-shirt, right? It always looks good, washes like a dream and it’s the first thing you reach for when you just want to relax.
We believe cotton is the perfect fabric to cover all of our baby crib bedding in for the same reason. Not only will its softness soothe a tired and cranky baby, it washes up like a dream. Talk to any mom who’s baby sleeps on Natura and you’ll soon see that our bedding makes the perfect “blanky” as they bid farewell to babyhood and move onto their toddler years.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Sharing the gift of Healthy Sleep!                                            
If we listened to the media, we’d hand our credit cards over to our personal shoppers and worry about the bills later. Get real. Gifts that solve problems and improve quality of life is a must for gift-giving this season.

Your bed for your head is even more important than your mattress. A pillow cradles the neck and shoulder muscles so your mind can relax and slip into a soothing, health-restoring sleep.

While the quest for the perfect pillow can be fraught with frustration, finding the right one can be the best gift of all. It is a gift that keeps on giving, not something that will be hidden in a drawer, or worse, wrapped up and re-gifted, RECYCLED, green as it may be these days.... no one wants to open a gift on X-mas morning only to discover the hand painted paperweight they gave to Aunt Harriet the year before...

So - how about giving the gift of sleep!Sleep is the gift of choice this season. Sleep, or more importantly lack of it, is so top of mind that more than a third of those surveyed said they would give up a year of Facebook, sex and chocolate in return for a lifetime of better sleep.  Interesting to note that men led the charge with all they’d give up in the name of sleep….

So, what are you dreaming about this Christmas? 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Buy a Mattress with your Flexible Spending Account

Flexible Spending Account Eligible-
Use it Don't Lose it!
To make sure that you don't sacrifice your valuable flexible spending account  dollars come 2010, why not Sleep Easy on a new mattress from Naturally Organic Sleep! Many plans have a "use it or lose" it rule; At the end of the year, all unused money in your FSA goes to your employer.

Use your Flexible Spending Account Now to Buy a New Mattress!
  • Save! Naturally Organic Sleep is FSA Eligible
  • Convenient! Use Your FSA Benefits Card for Naturally Organic Sleep products
  • Smart! FSA Account funds are tax free, pre-funded and immediatly available
  • Save More! See Doctor's Sleep Tips for even more health savings & tips

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chronic Pain, Sleep and Natural Relief

If you or someone you care about suffers from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, dystonia or any other chronic painful illness then you know how long a night can be. And when pain medication takes too long to kick in – or worse, stops working altogether – a night can last forever. I watched my Mother suffer from endless pain over the past few years before she finally passed away last October. We were all left with feelings of helplessness because it is hard to watch someone you care about in such misery, anything you can do to ease their suffering is a major feat.
One of the little things that you can do the next time you visit someone in pain that you care about is to make sure that their bedding and surrounding sleep area is comfortable.
Wool bedding can help you reclaim that healing, rejuvenating sleep your body craves. A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (Apr 2009) found that fibromyalgia sufferers who slept on wool bedding reported a significant reduction in pain. It’s not a scientific breakthrough and it’s not high-tech. But it works.
The majority of our bedding at Naturally Organic Sleep: Toppers, Mattress Covers and Comforters - all have natural wool incorporated into the design to prevent thermal imbalance - An incredible temperature regulator, wool absorbs 35% of its weight in moisture before it feels damp. And because wool fibers are constantly in motion, moving moisture from your skin to the environment, your bedding not only feels dry, it is.
Did you know that you lose up to a pint of moisture at night in your bed, just through breathing and natural perspiration? Synthetic fibers absorb less than 3% of that moisture, trapping most of it between you and your sheets – which make it feel like you’re lying on the uncomfortable side of your rain slicker.
You know moisture can feel like a hammer to your joints when you suffer from arthritis. Switching to wool bedding can significantly reduce pain so you enjoy uninterrupted sleep.
We have such a short time on this planet, and with such a large portion of it spent sleeping -- it is vital that we make the most of it, especially assisting those in pain and making sure that they are as comfortable as possible.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

8 Hours = Beauty Sleep?

I guess we all know that we are supposed to get that nightly 8 hours of sleep, well...because someone in the know said so, or maybe I read & ignored it somewhere, so many years ago? After all, make up does wonders after an all-nighter, or does it? - Like so many health-related concerns, they seem to make more sense with age, or perhaps I have just become more desperate for that instant healthy glow?
Like the night watchmen and the cleaning crew, some members of your skin team do their best job when the rest of the place is, well, at rest. They need a full 8-hour shift so they can soothe tired eyes, diminish dark under-eye circles and  freshen-up a listless complexion. See for yourself how sleep gives you a running start to the next day. Antioxidants take the night shift (or at least the sleep shift!) and metabolize pesky free-radicals. Not calling them in, increases your risk of developing skin cancer, and losing that bright, fresh looking skin you have after your morning shower.
The protein version of the mail department, Cytokines,carry messages between your cells to stimulate healing and regeneration. Even a brief time off the job (i.e. a lost couple hours of sleep) diminishes your body’s infection fighting response, leaving you with blemishes and dull, unrepaired skin. Sun spots will never be in style.
The stress-hormone, Cortisol, increases when we don`t get enough sleep, which leaves you with saggy, sallow skin. Wouldn’t we all rather age backwards?
Smiling brightens our mood and our reflection in the mirror. Depriving yourself of sleep is like shutting down the good mood department completely. Both Norepinephrine and Serotonin decrease with lack of sleep (which in turn makes it harder to get the next night’s shut-eye. Doh!).
These hormones are critical players in both mood and the ability to experience pleasure.
The term “Beauty Sleep” is no cliche. All the expensive face creams and make-up in the world won’t do the trick if you don’t give your hormone team time to do their job at night. The next time you’re feeling a little drab, skip the cosmetic counter and invest in some pillow time.
For an extra boost, snuggle up with your Natura Dream Aloe Vera Pillow. 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sleep and Alcohol - What's the real deal



Myth: I can have alcohol or wine with my sleep aid – it will help me get to sleep faster.

Fact: Sleep medications should not be used with alcohol or other drugs. Sleep aids should also not be taken before driving or operating machinery, or before taking a bath or shower, among other things. Always follow your healthcare professional’s instructions about how to take, when to take, and how long to take sleep aids.
Some people feel that alcohol is a sleep aid on its own. However, while alcohol may calm you and speed the onset of sleep, it actually increases the number of times you awaken during the night.

For more Sleep, the National Sleep Foundation puts out a Newsletter with plenty of fun and informative facts!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mattress Chemicals may be Cause of Your Illness-Just a Thought

Although the power of the web is apparent when you see warnings posted and danger signs everywhere, I wonder if folks really believe what they read? I know that I am a bit skeptical sometimes, especially when someone is trying to sell me something....So in an effort to showcase my sincerity PLEASE read the information when you land on the other side of this link :)
At least consider that we need to try and use as few chemicals as possible and ask your furniture/mattress retailer what they do with the old mattresses they take away? Of course, you can also visit our site and catch up on your reading, do some chemical free shopping, ok ok, I won't green you to death....

Mattress Chemicals may be Cause of Your Illness

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Allergies Anyone?

Ever wake up with a stuffy nose? Red, itchy eyes? Off gassing, dust mites, mold and mildew are the most venomous sleep saboteurs – millions live in most pillows and mattresses.

Our mattresses and pillows are downright hostile environments for the little critters though because of the materials we use.
  • Wool wicks away moisture, which antimicrobial allergens need to survive.
  • Latex is 300% more resistant to dust mites because of natural ventilation cell structure.
  • Soy-based poly foams are also ventilated so moisture never gets trapped.

When combined, wool, latex and/or soy-based foams soothe and comfort you, but slam the door on unwanted bed partners.

Sweet Dreams

Friday, September 4, 2009

Get your Green thing Going

On your bed or on your body - what could be more naturally organic?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NEW Natura Tranquil Mattress

The new Natura Tranquil Mattress an incredibly priced talalay latex mattress that everyone can afford - Go green without going broke and reap the rewards of a healthy night of undisturbed sleep. Features;

  •  Non-removable plush top                    
  • Soft Bamboo/Cotton blend knit ticking
  • 18 oz./ yd² Natura Wool lining
  • 8 inch core
  • 4" Talalay latex     4" BiOH soy foam   
  • All natural fire barrier - 15 year guarantee                 

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lose Weight by Sleeping?

Just by tucking in a little earlier tonight, that extra ten pounds you’ve been struggling to lose may simply fall off. You might think we’re dreaming but the correlation between sleep and weight is well documented. Try these tips for a week and watch the inches fall away!
  • Go to bed earlier – Count back from the time you wake up and calculate your bedtime from there. Can’t get to sleep early? Schedule a nap mid-day to ensure you’re getting a minimum of 7 hours within a 24-hour period.
  • Get your body ready for bed earlier – If you’re used to staying up later, start a pre-sleep ritual to signal to your body when it’s time to start winding down. Turn off the TV, your iPhone, your computer and pick up a book instead. Away from the bright lights of your computer, your body releases a hormone that makes you feel drowsy.
  • Cut out the caffeine – Sip your coffee, soda and tea before 3 pm so your body has a chance to get rid of the caffeine before bedtime. Alcohol may be a depressant, but it also prevents your body from falling into a deep, rejuvenating sleep.
  • Tweak the program – Women require more sleep than men (especially at certain times of the month) so it make take a while for you to find the number that works for you. If you rely on an alarm to wake up, try backing up your bedtime by 15 minutes until you wake up on your own.

Have you tried losing weight just by getting a better night’s sleep? Let us know how it works for you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mattress Shopping How-tos

Do your research

It can help to research online before you hit the stores. If you are unsure what kind of mattress you need Naturally Organic Sleep carries many well-known brands and styles like Natura, Coaster, Essentia, Sleeprite, etc. and we have the ability to work with you on an individual basis, tailoring a sleep system that is guaranteed to provide you with restorative rem sleep that is so imperative for quality sleep and lifestyle. If you are unable to visit our shop, feel free to call or E-mail us with your concerns, we will try to get you on the right path.

Test for comfort

Take your time and lie down on a variety of mattresses. Spend several minutes lying in your normal sleeping position. If you have a sleep partner, make sure you shop for your new mattress together. Lie on the mattress at the same time, testing for partner movement and how it feels to each of you. Check for uncomfortable pressure points and the amount of surface cushioning.

Consider sleep style

To test a mattress correctly, you have to lie on it like you do at home. If you’re a side sleeper, you may need a mattress with more cushioning to support your hips and shoulders. A back sleeper’s weight is usually distributed evenly over the mattress surface. However, without proper support, regions of the back (such as the lumbar area) may undergo excess strain as it works to support the spine’s natural curves.

Finding online resources – Not mattress review and rating sites

There are a lot of great online resources to help you sort through the amazing amount of information about mattresses and sleep health. Remember to bookmark and print off info you find helpful.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Value of Sleep

Don't underestimate the value of sleep. Like proper nutrition and excericise, it is essential to feel our best. Without enough sleep, our senses dull and productivity decreases and mistakes and accidents are much more likely to occur. A study performed by reserachers at St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago suggests that the more REM sleep that we get, the more likely we are to awake feeling positive and upbeat. A better sleep, boosts the immune system, rejuninates the body, improves memory and motor activity.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Win a Bamboo Pillow - Sign up for our Monthly Drawings

Where else do you get a great hypoallergenic pillow with a lifetime guarantee for under thirty bucks.....Naturally Organic Sleep has monthly pillow drawings, everyone who completes our Contact Form is eligible. Win one at our September 15th Drawing!
If we select your entry we will ship to the address listed on your form at no charge of course.
On our site we provide great products with plenty of information on sleep so you can make an educated choice about what you want to sleep on.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Could your bed really be making you sick?

Consider this…
  • Americans spend over one-third of their lives in bed, further increased during winter months (55 percent of adults said they sleep more during the winter months).
  • Well over one-half (58 percent) of adults often feel sick or not rested when they sleep on an old or uncomfortable mattress – the research strongly suggests that Americans should better consider their mattress to help keep their bodily defenses strong.
  • A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, showed that those who slept less than an average of seven hours per night were nearly three times more likely to develop a common cold than those who reported eight or more hours per night in the weeks leading up to the experiment.(1)
  • The National Sleep Foundation includes ensuring a comfortable and supportive mattress within their top Healthy Sleep Tips for consumers

Check out some options for sleeping healthy - Sleep Better Feel Better!