Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Slice of Sleep Heaven for your Head

Or should I say GREEN sleep Heaven?! We underestimate the importance of that special pillow in our lives - the one we can not be without! If your in the market - and just not satisfied with your pillow talk lately  (soar neck, back, headaches) try the Natura Dream Mate!  
Remarkable bed of Talalay latex & wool covered with 100% cotton. Not only will your body feel better but you will no doubt benefit from the natural fibers that Natura is famous for! Inhaling chemicals all night will probably not do much for the way you feel in the morning - Talk about a hangover!?
And, for those of you who want the Sleeping Beauty version - Natura even has one with Aloe, appropriately named the Aloe Dream Mate
Rumors are that you can actually wake up wrinkle-free! So, try it for yourself and let us know! 
Dreams could never be a sweeter shade of green...

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