Tuesday, October 11, 2011

College Apartment

Written by my friend Teodoro Martin
I finally was able to get my own apartment off campus and by myself. Finding a one-bedroom apartment off campus was one of the hardest jobs of my life. I was starting to believe that they didn’t make one-bedroom apartments anymore but I found a notification in the newspaper just last week that said there was a one-bedroom apartment available just four miles away from campus and I jumped on it as fast as I could. I didn’t even expect the apartment to be so cheap, but thankfully it was because now I have some extra money to spend on procuring some furniture and getting a TV. My mom recently referred me to HD Tv sports new york and told me that I should try out satellite TV for awhile. Thanks to my mom, I’m going to be able to have all my friends over to watch all the programs that the other girls don’t get in the dorms. Now that my TV situation is figured out I need to go online and see if I can buy a reasonably priced couch.

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