Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How is your Baby Sleeping?

Forget pink and blue – green is the hottest color in nurseries today. We aren’t referring to paint color of course, but to environmentally friendly, natural and organic products that will make your baby’s sleep healthier.
Unlike adults, babies can’t process chemicals through their systems quickly or efficiently. When choosing a mattress remember that your baby will be sleeping on it for as many 18 hours a day in his first few months – and every night for the next 2 years. 

Your baby faces a greater risk than you do when exposed to chemicals. His growing body naturally collects and stores resources in an effort to improve and prolong his life. But this natural gathering and recycling is dangerous when it comes to synthetic chemicals because his body doesn’t understand the dangers (it only sees the potential resource). Every single toxin your baby encounters can create a rippling of biological consequences later in life. Since your baby spends more time sleeping (and will for the next few years) choose baby crib bedding that’s chemical-free and natural. Natura’s Organic Baby Bedding is made from certified organic materials that never encountered chemicals during the growing or manufacturing process.

There’s nothing more comfortable or kinder to your skin that your favorite cotton t-shirt, right? It always looks good, washes like a dream and it’s the first thing you reach for when you just want to relax.
We believe cotton is the perfect fabric to cover all of our baby crib bedding in for the same reason. Not only will its softness soothe a tired and cranky baby, it washes up like a dream. Talk to any mom who’s baby sleeps on Natura and you’ll soon see that our bedding makes the perfect “blanky” as they bid farewell to babyhood and move onto their toddler years.

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