Monday, December 21, 2009

Natura's Aloe Dream Mate Face-Lift Pillow?

Well, maybe "face lift" is stretching it a bit... but those in-the-know seem to agree that this is one phenomenal pillow...

 Indeed, aloe vera is the bedding industry’s go-to botanical ingredient, and it is found in the Dream Mate's aloe enriched natural cover: "Moisturizing, silky aloe infused cotton blend cover, lined with temperature regulating Natura smart Wool. Down-like feel but with more support and better air circulation - The best of both worlds!"
New York dermatologist Doris Day seems to agree, and in a recent Allure Magazine Beauty Reporter Blog she states: "Aloe is soothing and antiseptic. I also like the other material that helps keep excess moisture away from the skin—the wool lining."
The Aloe Dream Mate pillow’s granulated core mimics the feel of feathers and down but provides springy support that won’t pack down. 
Naturally breathable, the latex core guarantees maximum air circulation, eliminating excess humidity and repelling the presence of bacteria and common allergens. Natura Smart Wool also wicks away excess moisture, creating a fresh, dry sleep environment that repels common allergens and bacteria that thrive in moist environments.
Good for you and makes you beautiful? I'll take it! Get your Aloe Dream Mate Pillow today at Naturally Organic Sleep in Burlingame, CA. 


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