Friday, January 8, 2010

How do you fight stress?

Not that "aromatherapy" is a new concept or anything but I had to try it myself for a recent stress overload! I created a relaxing atmosphere, including Lavender sachets, with candles and and a variety of scents recommended by a friend and wannabe "aromatherapist."
With my Natura Wool bedding in place, I added the Natura Ylang Ylang Pillow just to see if it really made a difference helping me to relax. Ylang Ylang is a soft scent, slightly calming, slightly exotic. It is supposed to help with relaxation but it has the added bonus of also stirring desire. Grown in sun-drenched Oceania, ylang ylang gently sweeps away stress with hints of neroli and jasmine. The scent is released a little at a time, each time you lie down – Natura calls it scratch and sniff luxury.
Natura’s ylang ylang wool pillow helps your body regulate its own temperature. What’s more, wool naturally wicks moisture away from the skin, creating a clean, dry environment that repels allergens and bacteria, much like their mattresses and bedding do with your body.
Nothing wrong with getting sweaty – just not when you’re sleeping.
But maybe you don’t need a whole new pillow. Maybe a ylang ylang pillowcase is enough.
Imagine health and beauty – that's the ticket for 2010 - a pillowcase that soothes jangled nerves while stimulating circulation of your delicate facial skin. To wake up glowing and refreshed, ready to take on the day with natural radiance.
So, the results of my own experiment proved that aromatherapy can work for you too if your mind is ready for it! Just like any change, you have to embrace it, so my new year's resolution is not to change all my shortcomings, but to get on the path to a healthier, happier existence. I am sold on the wool bedding however, and encourage anyone that loves their beauty sleep to give it a try!
I dare you to lie your head on a ylang ylang pillow – sweet dreams are closer than you think. Let me know how it goes!

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