Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cooking Shows

Thanks for the article from Major Paul
I am so excited about my new purchase! After being a poor college student for four years and not having cable, I went on tvbydirect.com and got a great deal. I knew this would be my first purchase after getting a job. I am most excited about watching all the cooking shows. That is how unwind at night. I love to try a new recipe and I get most of mine from FoodNetwork.com. Now, I will be able to watch the episode and make that meal the next night for dinner! My boyfriend will be seriously happy about this investment because it will mean some really good meals for him. My favorite show is Everyday Italian. Probably because I love any sort of pasta dish. Giada makes the most delicious meals and most of them are easy enough for me to make. I also love how all the food looks on the Food Network. It is all so pretty and bright looking. Another favorite of mine is 30 minute meals. Those meals are very easy, which is good after a long day at work.

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