Saturday, April 21, 2012


Authored by Greg Fletcher
One of my favorite things to watch on cable tv is cooking shows. I have been watching them every night to get ideas for what to cook for dinner. The other night I made Giada's Manicotti with Parmesan cheese and it was so good! Pasta is my favorite thing to eat, so I think I am going to be making a lot of her recipes! My family is pretty thrilled with my new hobby. There was a time when I was considering going to culinary school, but now I am just thinking I can learn everything I need to from the Food Network! Cooking helps me get into a zone where I can forget about everything from my day and just focus on something else. Some people get the same effect from exercising, but I could never imagine running for fun. I much rather stir a bowl of something yummy and then get to enjoy eating it and watching my family enjoy eating it also! Since I started cooking these meals, we have sat down and had dinner together every night of the week. It is the best family time!

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